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Algerian British Business Council 04-09-2017

Monday - 4 / September / 2017

               Monday 4th September 2017


Welcome to the latest Edition of the ABBC Business News Digest.

Please find here the latest business news and opportunities in Algeria.



ABBC Secretariat

British Foreign Minister, Rt, Hon. Alastair Burt, MP and the British Ambassador to Algeria H.E. Andrew Noble addressed a Round Table dinner of the Algeria British Business Council hosted by the chairman Lady Olga Maitland at her London home

Top British businesses attended were BP, AmecFosterWheeler, Houdret plc, De La Rue, Tell Groupe, Jet Air, RedMed Group, Petrofac, Sotraco Groupe, Icosium Consulting, Olive Group, Agrekko, TVET UK and GeoKinetics. Says Lady Olga, ‘The Minister Mr Burt spoke about the increasingly warm relationship with Algeria, and stressed the fact that the UK government are serious in giving a priority to a new trade deal with Algeria post Brexit.  Mr Burt is a long standing friend of Algeria and recently had a highly successful visit engaging with the Prime Minister and government ministers. Mr Noble spoke positively about doing business with Algeria, and gave an updated assessment ofthe new Government lead by M. Ouyahia, for whom he has great respect.’

Algeria: Minister of Public Works and Transport, receives several foreign ambassadors (31/08/2017)

Algerian Minister of Public Works and Transport, Abdelghani Zaalane, has held talks with several foreign ambassadors, on ways to develop cooperation on public works and transport, APS reported. The Minister of Public Works and Transport, Abdelghani Zaalane, received on Wednesday, at the headquarters of his ministerial department, the ambassadors of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Belgium, Benin and Turkey, in the capital (Algiers), with whom he discussed how to strengthen and develop cooperation and partnership between Algeria and their country in this sector, said a statement from the Ministry. Read more.

Algeria: The new CEO of Sonelgaz takes office, Wednesday (30/08/2017)

Mohamed Arkab, the new Chairman and CEO of the national electricity and gas company Sonelgaz, took office on Wednesday, APS reported.Installed by the Algerian Minister of Energy, Mr. Mustapha Guitouni, Mr. Arkab, formerly responsible for the Electricity and Gas Engineering Company (Sonelgaz) replaces Mr. Tahar Djouanbi, who held the position of CEO interim of this company, since May 28th 2017. Read more.

Contribution to import bill reduction, "mission of all parties" (28/08/2017)

KHENCHELA - Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries Abdelkader Bouazghi said Monday in Khenchela that the contribution in reducing the import bill was "the mission of all". During a visit to an agricultural operation specializing in seed production at the Goudjil perimeter in the southern region of the commune of Babar, the minister said that "this type of farm should serve as an example "he added, adding that" this operation constitutes a partner in reducing the import bill through its production ". Mr Bouazghi said, in the same context, that the mission of the various State bodies in the various sectors was to "accompany the producers and monitor the development of production", alongside "strategy and a futuristic vision for the development of the national economy and for an abundance of production." In this regard, he supported the fact that these steps will lead to "reducing the import bill". The minister called for "the need to diagnose the problems of the agricultural sector based on the field data on agricultural land and investment areas" indicating that "agricultural land granted by the State must be properly exploited ". Read more.

Electricity: call to rationalize consumption, no price increase is currently envisaged (28/08/2017)

ALGIERS - Energy Minister Mustapha Guitouni on Monday urged large electricity consumers to rationalize their consumption, citing a "reflection" at the ministry level, applicable in the medium to long term, so that the very high electricity is paying the price of this energy at "its right price", ie without the support of the State. Speaking at a decision-making ceremony for the appointment of the director of the Eastern Region and the decisions and passes of instructions of several distribution directors, organized by the SDC (Algerian Electricity and Gas Distribution Company), Mr. Guitouni pointed to the "waste" of electricity which continues to harm the Treasury due to the substantial subsidies disbursed annually to support energy prices. "Last July, we reached a peak electricity consumption of 13,900 MW and there was virtually nothing left in the bag." Sonelgaz managed to manage the situation and avoided the use of load shedding and managed to produce an additional 1,000 MW in very difficult conditions to reach 14,000 MW against 13,000 MW in 2016, "he observed. Read more.

Mermouri insists on promotional campaigns to attract more local and foreign tourists (29/08/2017)

SKIKIDA - Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts Hacène Mermouri on Saturday stressed the need to carry out "promotional campaigns to attract more local and foreign tourists". The minister, who visited the Flifla area, the facilities of a 5-star hotel, commissioned in 2015, with a capacity of 242 rooms and offering 340 direct and 800 indirect jobs, welcomed the strategy adopted by the managers of this establishment in order to increase their attractiveness to customers, and has valued the partnership between this establishment and the tourism sector supervised by travel agencies and the Algerian National Tourist Office (ONAT). Mr. Mermouri laid the foundation stone of a four-hectare tourist village in the same region, which will offer 156 rooms and 23 bungalows, plus an amusement park and water park. He called on local officials to provide all necessary assistance to investors in the tourism sector. Read more.

Urban planning: new regulatory measures in the field of construction (30/08/2017)

ALGIERS - The Minister of Housing, Town Planning and the City, Abdelwahid Temmar, announced on Wednesday in Algiers new measures laying down the regulatory and technical procedures to be observed in the field of construction, led to the revision of the control mechanisms and the scale of fines imposed on offenders. During an inspection visit to the site of the site where a landslide occurred on 14 August at the level of La Concorde in the commune of Bir Mourad Raïs (Algiers) and which cost Temmar said that the ministry will ensure that such incidents will not happen again in the future as a result of the implementation of the new ministerial and the developers to comply with the provisions it provides. The minister, who was accompanied by the Wali of Algiers, Abdelkader Zoukh, and sector officials, emphasized that preserving the integrity of citizens and the environment in construction was a priority for the sector. "We will soon carry out an inventory of construction sites where construction work has not yet begun to bring them under control," Temmar said, adding that the construction permit procedure will be rigorous. Read more.

Financing of Sonelgaz projects: no recourse to external debt (30/08/2017)

ALGIERS- The new CEO of the Sonelgaz group, Mohamed Arkab, installed on Wednesday, is committed to meeting the challenges facing society, especially financial ones, completely avoiding the use of external debt. "We are going to continue the process, but we need to make the right changes for the next step" because it is "difficult, but there have been even more difficult steps in the past, especially the black decade," said M Arkab during a briefing held at the end of his official installation at the head of the Sonelgaz. "We have a management team at Sonelgaz and we will be able to cope with the difficulties, and we have been able to cope with all the difficulties caused by the heat wave that has been recorded since last June," he said. "Now we have financial challenges, and we will discuss them to find the right solutions," he added. However, despite the difficult financial situation, there is no question of resorting to external debt. "The use of external indebtedness is totally ruled out," he said, adding that "Sonelgaz has the means to carry out programs drawn up and each time the group will revise its programs by setting priorities." Read more.

Swordfish: a computerized census system for the implementation of the decision on fishing quotas in 2018 (01/09/2017)

ALGIERS - The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries has set up an information and census system, in preparation for the implementation of the decision on swordfish quotas in 2018, set by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) to nearly 560 tons / year, a ministry official said. The sector is currently working on the adjustment of this new system to bring it into line with the international commitments and recommendations of ICCAT and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Director General of Fisheries, Hamouche Taha in a statement to the APS. This system is part of the measures taken by the sector in terms of equipment, training and guaranteeing the resources needed to launch this activity in 2018. Discussions with ICCAT are still going on around the period and the fishing techniques and means, in conjunction with the consultations initiated by the sector officials with the fishermen concerned with a view to examining their ability to respect the techniques and means of fishing recommended, says Taha. Read more.

Algeria's renewable energy strategy is moving "at the top speed"(04/09/2017)

ALGIERS - The Algerian renewable energy strategy is "moving up a gear", Oxford Business Group (OBG) said in a recent study, referring to the creation in May of a ministry dedicated to renewable energies. "In May, the government set up the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy (DREE) to focus efforts on energy security and sustainable energy," the UK research firm said. is to increase the share of clean energy in the country's energy mix in line with the targets set by the renewable energy development program launched in 2011. The program, which was updated last year, aims to increase electricity production capacity from renewable energies to 22,000 MW by 2030, ie 27% of the energy mix, against a current contribution of around 2 %, according to Oxford Business Group. Read more.

Annaba: emergency program to deal with the shortage of drinking water (04/09/2017)

ANNABA - An emergency investment program has been adopted in the short term in Annaba to deal with the shortage of drinking water due to a drop in water level of the two dams of Echaffia and Meksa, supply of the local population, announced Sunday the wali Mohamed Salamani. This program involves requalification of 32 boreholes in the Boutheldja field (El Tarf wilaya) for the short-term mobilization of 35,000 m3 / day of drinking water and the 22-km doubling of the Meksa-Lehnichet pipeline for to eliminate the problem of leaks that squander 60 percent of the water supply to the population, the local chief executive said in a press statement. The program also includes the rehabilitation of the two Meksa and Shaiba pumping stations, the sinking of new boreholes through the wilaya, the emergency resolution of the leak problem and the mobilization of tanks to strengthen the supply of drinking water to the inhabitants of the "black spots", said Salamani, affirming that the first priority in the wilaya is now the supply of the population in this vital resource. Read more.

Emphasizing the importance of the partnership between the vocational training sector and economic operators (04/09/2017)

ALGIERS - Minister of Training and Professional Education Mohamed Mebarki stressed the importance of the partnership between his sector and economic operators in order to facilitate the integration of young graduates into the world of work. The sector relies on strengthening the partnership with the company because "it allows to increase the offers of training by apprenticeship and facilitates the insertion of young graduates in the world of the work," Mebarki said in an interview with APS on the eve of the start of vocational training scheduled for 24 September. The partnership with the company is a "major objective" for the vocational training system because "it better meets the needs of the economic enterprise and facilitates the employability of young people trained," said the minister, stressing the need to continue to "accord this mode of training particular attention". "In this period of rationalization of state expenditure, it is the least costly mode of training," he said. Read more.

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