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Algerian British Business Council 13-11-2017

Monday - 13 / November / 2017

Monday 13th November 2017


Welcome to the latest Edition of the ABBC Business News Digest.

Please find here the latest business news and opportunities in Algeria.



ABBC Secretariat

Algeria-Great Britain: Ahmed Ouyahia receives Lord Richard Risby


Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia received on Thursday Lord Richard Risby, special envoy of the British Prime Minister for economic partnership with Algeria, who is visiting Algiers, said a statement from the Prime Minister's office. The statement added that the meeting was attended by Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel. Note that the day before, Lord Richard Risby had met respectively with Abdelkader Messahel, as well as with the Minister of Industry and Mines, Youcef Yousfi. The discussions focused in particular on the need to further develop economic relations outside the hydrocarbon sector, by boosting the investments of British companies in Algeria in view of the great potential offered by the Algerian market, we learn from the same source.  Read More

Business climate: Algerian business leaders are upbeat, says Oxford Business Group


A survey conducted by the Oxford Business Group (OBG) economic research firm shows that more than half of Algerian business leaders believe that the business climate in Algeria will be "positive over the next twelve months, then more two-thirds of these operators expect a significant investment during the same period. Produced for the first time in Algeria by OBG, in partnership with the Algerian Chamber of Commerce (Caci) and the Forum des chefs d'entreprises (FCE), the survey was conducted between May and October 2017 with about a hundred managers and heads of public (30%) and private (70%) companies, of various sizes, international (55%), local (38%), regional (7%). Read More

ALGERIA-Automotive assembly industry promises 260,000 cars in 2018


The projected production volume of the assembly plants will satisfy a large part of the demand in the national vehicle market. Car assembly activity is booming in Algeria. The five car assembly factories, if we include Suzuki, which will enter production in the next few weeks, will put no less than 260,000 cars on the national market. In detail, the Renault plant in Oran expects a production of 80,000 cars in 2018. In addition to current models, Renault Algeria Production will offer from the beginning of next year new models to know Renault Clio with engine DCI and Symbol diesel. For its part, the Tahkout group, which owns the Hyundai car assembly plant in Tiaret and Suzuki in Saida, plans to assemble 100,000 vehicles in 2018. Read More

ALGERIA: Call for improving crafts product to compete in creating economic wealth


ALGER - The president of the National Association of traders and craftsmen (ANCA), Tahar Boulenouar highlighted Sunday in Algiers the importance of improving the product of the craft in all its diversity by supporting training for to achieve the level of excellence, especially as this activity contributes greatly to the creation of economic wealth and the absorption of unemployment, especially in a juvenile environment. Speaking at a press conference marked by the announcement of the creation of the National Enterprise of Crafts and Trades, Mr. Boulenouar called for "the effective management of this sector that contributes to the achievement of the sustainable development in the different regions of the country, the protection of the authentic and diversified national heritage and the promotion of tourist activity ". Read More

The 2018 PLF paves the way for achieving 7% economic growth by 2030


The draft budget law (PLF) 2018, which, for the first time in several years, shows capital spending above operating expenditure is likely to favor, in the medium term, an increase in economic growth to 2 or 3% and paves the way for achieving the goal of 7% growth by 2030, according to the professor of economics at the University of Algiers, Kamel Rezig. During a Study Day organized by the Tajamou parliamentary group Amel Al-Djazair (TAJ) at the party's headquarters on the PLF 2018, Rezig welcomed the many "positive points" contained in the text, including "a budget of equipment exceeding that of operation for the first time in several years. Read More

ALGERIA: Digital economy, more than 13 million Algerians surfing the web everyday


Algerians are becoming more and more addicted to the internet. More than 13 million Algerians of different age groups surf the web daily. According to the ranking established by the ITU in 2016, Algeria ranks 8th in terms of ICT and telecom usage at the continental level. This is what emerges from the seminar organized Monday in Algiers jointly by INSAG and the French School of New Businesses of Communication (EFAP). The director of MBA specializing in digital marketing and business, Vincent Montet said that Algeria "is not lagging behind digital development. She is not so top level. He said that the digital world is a permanent change recording, in 2016, for the first time a breakthrough in mobile Internet connection compared to the laptop. In Africa, the connection rate has reached 81% while Europe is around 123%. Read More

Algeria invests USD 2 billion in the largest gas field


The Algerian oil company "Sonatrach" has launched new investments in the order of $ 2 billion in the gas field of Hassi R'mel, and this to maintain a stable production at the largest gas field in the country. Sonatrach Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdelmoumen Ould Keddour told the press during a working visit to Hassi R'mel that "the goal is to maintain production of 190 million m3 for the ten coming years ". Indeed, the gas field of Hassi R'mel represents 60% of the global gas production in Algeria with a production capacity oscillating between 190 and 210 million cubic meters per day. In addition, the boss of the largest company on the continent pointed out that Sonatrach needed to make investments in field compression facilities to maintain this production. Read More

Algeria: Companies increasingly interested in new technologies


More and more Algerian companies and service companies like banks and insurance companies are interested in new technologies because knowing full well that the wave of digitization that is swamping the planet must be followed at the risk of find themselves lagging behind, or even become uncompetitive. Training for corporate executives in new technologies is becoming more and more frequent and the training cycle provided yesterday to insurance companies on digital marketing is a perfect example. Connected objects, such as watches, and augmented reality, as well as other concepts such as robotics, will be the stakes on which managers should be trained because if things are not done immediately, the delay in these areas will only accumulate. Read More

ALGERIA: A project for sustainable development of agro-aquaculture in North Africa and the near east in the direction of concretization


OUARGLA - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is working to implement a project for the sustainable development of agro-aquaculture adapted to the specificities of the countries of North Africa and the Near East, said Tuesday in Ouargla, officials of this body. Speaking during a field visit to the wilaya of Ouargla, Fisheries and Aquaculture Development Officer at FAO Valerio Crespi said that this project is about the rational use of non-marine waters. -conventional measures for the development of aquaculture integrated into agriculture. Targeting three pilot countries (Algeria, Egypt and the Sultanate of Oman), this project aims to promote the integration of aquaculture with farming systems, which will notably enable diversifying farmers' incomes and reducing the use of fertilizers, while supporting the water resources and productivity of agricultural irrigation water, he stressed. Read More

ALGERIA: Interview with Mr Taha Hammouche, director general for fishing and aquaculture, Algeria is the country of the Mediterranean, the most attractive for aquaculture investment


The 7th International Fishing and Aquaculture Fair will be held in Oran from 9th to 12th November and will see the presence of 120 national and international exhibitors for four days, what makes this edition stand out? What marks this 7th edition is the participation of investor exhibitors who, during the previous edition, came to the show as simple visitors. As an example, a project for raising and producing seaweed and seabream at Chlef with a capacity of 600 tons with a prospect of capacity expansion at 1000 tons exposes its activity, this investor having prospected the ground during from the previous edition of SIPA 2016, launched its activity and in less than a year began to produce and sell since July 2017. Read More

Transport of goods: Ali Haddad welcomes the decision to open the sector to private


The decision of the public authorities to open the private investment in the segment of the transport of the goods finds a positive echo with the president of the FCE, Ali Haddad who welcomed the initiative Tuesday on its page Facebook. "Making the initiative private and mobilizing the broad capabilities of national companies, in general and the private sector in a particular way, is an urgent demand among the claims of the FCE," he writes. "I am deeply convinced that this decision is necessary, as part of improving the performance of all sectors as well as the diversification of the national economy, so as to reduce its dependence vis-à-vis abroad", welcomes the President of the FCE. Read More




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