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Lady Olga Maitland, Chairman of the Algeria British Business Council

Monday - 12 / January / 2015

Letter from Lady Olga Maitland

Chairman, Algeria British Business Council


Algerian students are welcome at UK universities

Great Britain has always welcomed people from overseas.  It is part of our tradition which goes back 1,000 years when the French King William the Conquorer landed on our shores.   Since then fresh blood, new thinking has been part of our lives.

            Our universities now actively invite overseas students to join them.  The advantage is that everyone can enjoy the brightest new talent in the world.

            This is why we are proud about the current programme offering 500 scholarships to study for doctorates.  The first group of students are now taking their places at universities all over the country.

            The result of a UK degree is that most students go on to a full and satisfying career or if they chose, further study.  Employers value those who have shown the initiative to go overseas for their studies. They demonstrate adaptability, self-confidence and are good at problem solving. 

            British universities help develop critical thinking, self-discipline and analytical skills.

            Student life in the UK is more than study and hard work.   It is also about a social life;  meeting new cultures,  enjoying a wide variety of sports activities; taking part in music, the arts, debating societies and much else besides. 

            It makes for a life time of friendships and contacts.

            From the British point of view we benefit from our overseas friends returning to their countries but turning to us for long term relationships in their professional lives.

            Then where should you go?

Consider Scotland, the land of my ancestors.   Edinburgh University for example today has half its students from overseas.   Dundee University, strong on engineering,  takes pride in arranging  programmes for students to understand Scottish culture. Scotland offers the chance to explore wild scenic beauty, mountains, lakes, and valleys. Then there are the great social events such as Hogmanay (New Year), Burns Night with all its ceremonial, and St Andrews Day.

Go further north to Aberdeen and the Robert Gordon University, with expertise in energy and technology and already familiar with Algerian students.

But even if you aim for English universities you will find a wealth of choice, be they at the great names such as Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, or more specialist institutions such as the London Business School or the School for Oriental and African Studies or King’s College London. And many more besides.

            The procedure in applying is to contact UCAS, the university admissions service. They will guide you on courses and which university would be best for you. They will also advise on the fees, loans available and scholarships.

            An early challenge may be to ensure that English language skills are sufficient.  For this there are excellent language schools in Algeria, the British Council can also give support or you may prefer to spend some time in the UK before taking up the intended course.

            The effort is enormously worthwhile.   I have met many highly skilled Algerians here who talk fondly of their days at a British university.  The friendship remains for life; the skills you carry for ever.


            Come to the UK!

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