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Arabia Monitor,

Arabia Monitor is an independent research firm specialised in economic and market studies on the Middle East & North African region, which we view as the new emerging market. Our forward looking perspective allows us to place recent developments in the region within a broader context and a long-term view.


UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) works with UK-based businesses to ensure their success in international markets, and encourage the best overseas companies to look to the UK as their global partner of choice.

Global Arab Network,

Global Arab Network (GAN) is a comprehensive news and information service about the Arab world in English and Arabic, based in London. GAN covers news and information from the Middle East and North Africa concerning national and international affairs, relations between the Arab countries and the rest of the world, economy and business, foreign policy, science and technology, culture and society, entertainment and lifestyle.

Noozz, is an independent emerging markets intelligence service focused on the Middle East. Noozz offers country-specific portals for each of our 18 markets, enabling targeted access to in-depth data for busy analysts, investors and executives. We operate separate portals for each of the countries we cover, enabling clients to locate in-depth data across a wide range of subjects, helping them to identify specific business opportunities and the risks associated.

RedMed Group,

The establishment of the RedMed Group came as the culmination of 30 years of expertise in the Sahara. The three FECHKEUR brothers: Riad, Madjid and Nadir could stand on the shoulders of their father and continue the challenge. They founded RedMed in 1996 to support the oil and gas industry and offer an undisputed array of global solutions. They brought to the table a vanguard vision and a genuine care for their trade and the Sahara. They also offer a genuine sense of family entrepreneurship based on high moral values and a solid reputation.The company started with 3 to expand to over a 1000 employees under the impulse of a professional team whose understanding and guidance in the realm of services to the oil and gas industries remains unrivaled. From your exploration and development projects to the productio, RedMed is an unparalleled partner with a proven record of excellence as illustrated by its important portfolio of clients.


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