My sincere thanks to Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean and Lady Olga Maitland for the opportunity to address remarks on the occasion of the Algeria Britain Business Council annual House of Lords dinner. I am sorry not to be able to join you in person due to prior commitments.

The timing of this year’s ABBC dinner could not be more fortuitous. Last week I hosted my friend Foreign Minister Ahmed Attaf and a delegation of representatives from the Government of Algeria for not one but two important events. Firstly the UK welcomed our Algerian counterparts to a Wilton Park event to exchange experiences and perspectives on the UN Security Council. Algeria will take up its seat as a non-permanent member of the Security Council from January 2024 and we look forward to close collaboration during its tenure.

Secondly Foreign Minister Attaf and I jointly chaired the UK Algeria Strategic Dialogue at Lancaster House. A momentous occasion at which we cemented our joint commitment to building on the strong friendship between our two countries and the potential for increased cooperation and collaboration across our many areas of shared interest, as well as enhancing mutual support in tackling the regional and global challenges we collectively face. I was also delighted to be joined by my dear friend, Lord Risby, who as the UK Trade Envoy has played such an important role in strengthening bilateral relations.

However, friendship between two countries extends far beyond government to government relationships and I applaud the Algeria Britain Business Council for all that you are doing to strengthen business to business connections. It was clear from our discussions at the Strategic Dialogue that we have plenty of business ties to celebrate, but that there is the potential for so much more, bringing together UK expertise and dynamism with the drive for economic diversification and opportunity in Algeria. This spans multiple sectors and with President Tebboune’s initiatives to create a positive investment environment and embed English language within primary and higher education, now is clearly the time for the UK and Algeria to explore new areas of partnership.

I therefore thank the ABBC membership for all that you have achieved and urge you to continue the good work. I know that you have the energetic support and commitment of both Ambassador Noureddine Yazid in London and HMA Sharon Wardle in Algiers and I personally am looking forward to my next visit to Algeria and the opportunity to reinforce the UK Government’s aspirations for a bilateral trade relationship that grows from strength to strength.

I wish you all an enjoyable evening.

Sharon Wardle
HM Ambassador
British Embassy Algiers