Your Excellencies, Baroness Symons, Mr Yassine Bouhara, RedMed Group and friends of Algeria and the ABBC Board.
2023 Year of achievement, as I have witnessed during my many visits to Algeria in the last 12 months.
Diversity of attendance today : loyal friends, new friends,
Financial services, law firms, investment, technology, English language schools and training, education at all levels, And of course our constant presence in engineering providing support for the hydrocarbon sector, lead by Petrofac present today.
Of particular note M. Magramane, former ambassador here and now Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry signed an MOU with Mrs Wardle, the British ambassador to modify an agreement to permit the establishment of a second British school which will be fully operational next year, with a British curriculum.
This is the initiative of Lotfi Ghazi, founder of the British Campus and well known for his well established English language school and his university consortium providing UK degrees from top universities.
There is space for all. Follows on the success of Graham McAvoy who opened his British school three years ago.
We are delighted with the development of Unilever, who have enlarged their factory in Oran to significantly expand their locally produced production lines and have now started to export to Qatar and Tunisia.
We share the enthusiasm of Aztrazeneca and GSK as their product lines are ever growing and become an integral part of the local pharmaceutical market.
Big thank you to Baroness Symons, Chairman, Arab British Chamber of Commerce, and former foreign minister. She has kindly sponsored the dinner tonight.
Welcome Mrs Sharon Wardle., here for meetings of the Strategic Partnership between Algeria and UK, attended by the Algerian Foreign Minister, M. Ahmed Attaf, working closely with Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, the Foreign Minister responsible for MENA REGION and beyond. This followed on a successful briefing to the business community at the Algerian Embassy which was organised in association with the ABBC.
Welcome: H.E. Noureddine Yazid, a senior and distinguished diplomat, who previously served in Zimbabwe.
Welcome Mr Yassine Bouhara, chairman and Founder of Tell Group, investment fund and ABBC sponsor. The Modernisation of business in Algeria and its various opportunities