Tender details on Algerian Ministry of Trade website:

Excerpt [machine translated]:

Professional capabilities:

  • For Share No. 01 and Share No. 02: Exhibitors who completed at least one (01) similar project supported by well-executed certificates (acquisition of a virtual solution for Class No. 01 and acquisition and implementation of wireless network infrastructure for share No. 02),
  • For Share No. 03: Exhibitors who hold a certificate of implementation in the field of automated media.

Technical capabilities:

Have employees who have a certificate in the field of automated media (solutions and products related to stake number 01 and share number 02) and to guarantee after-sales services and maintenance,
Bidders are obliged to guarantee that the products offered in the framework of this tender are not at the end of their validity or end of their support by the manufacturer .
Financial capabilities : His average turnover is 2,000,000,000 dinars during the last three (03) years.
Bidders interested in this tender can withdraw the book of conditions from the Ministry of Commerce – Sub-Directorate for Equipment and Public Deals, First Floor – for a sum of three thousand Algerian dinars (3000 DZD) in cash that is not refundable at the exchange agent of the Ministry of Trade.

Original location of the tender: www.commerce.gov.dz
Please note the original document is in Arabic