The United Kingdom announces the abolition of customs duties on Algerian products.

British Minister of State for Immigration Robert Jenrick paid an official visit to Algiers on Tuesday 30 May. During his visit, he met the Minister of Interior and Local Authorities, Brahim Merad. This meeting marked an important turning point in relations between Algeria and the United Kingdom.

Indeed, on Wednesday May 31, 2023, the British Embassy in Algeria announced the establishment of a new preferential regime for goods from Algeria. This new system aims to reduce or remove customs barriers on thousands of Algerian products, including dates, olive oil, strawberries, cucumbers and tomatoes. These measures will come into effect on June 23.

So this new system, called DCTS ( Trading System for Developing Countries), provides for reductions or elimination of customs duties on products from 65 countries, including 37 in Africa. It aims to promote trade and exchanges between these countries and the United Kingdom. At the same time, the British government has set up an advisory and support service for companies in the countries benefiting from this regime, called “Growth Gateway”.

Opportunities for Algerian exporters
In addition, the new measures were presented during a ceremony at the British Embassy in Algiers, in the presence of Ambassador Sharon Wardle and Alastair Long, King Charles III’s representative for trade with Africa. The British ambassador stressed that these measures will allow Algerian products to be more competitive on the British market.

About 92% of Algerian products exported to the United Kingdom will be affected by the dismantling of tariffs. This represents an immediate saving of £1.2 million for Algerian exporters, and this amount is expected to increase as exports to the UK grow.